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About Morem & Waller, CPAs

Sure, we’re good at math — but that’s not our whole story.

As a licensed CPA firm, we’re a full partner uniquely qualified to support cannabis, CBD, and hemp companies from beginning to end. That takes a whole lot more than just filing your taxes. That’s why we assembled a stellar staff who support all the essential work necessary to create and sustain a financially-sound company.

We focus on comprehensive, creative, and collaborative solutions built to support what your business needs now and where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, and beyond. Our professionals take a holistic approach to your company, assessing, building, and fortifying each element of your financial and operational health.

Our experienced cannabis industry professionals take great pride in collaborating closely with you and your stakeholders so everyone is moving toward the same goal. And we’re not afraid to step out of the box, either: the goal is to develop a solution that fits your needs, not to force a rigid vision for what a business “should” be onto your company.

What Makes Morem & Waller Different?
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Controller Services
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Our Values

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As licensed CPAs, we’re ethically bound to adhere to strict professional standards, and in fact, our license quite literally depends on adhering to these stringent ethics. We always act in your best interest and take great lengths to protect your confidential information.

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We have access to specialized knowledge and resources that can help you save money on taxes and make better financial decisions. All resources adhere to the same trusted high standards for professionalism that we hold ourselves to.

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Our staff completes rigorous ongoing education, and when applicable, they meet ongoing examination, state licensing, and experience requirements. That means our team is always up to date on the latest techniques and emerging trends, and we put that expertise to work for you.

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Empowering Your Business Financials

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It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a solopreneur or you’re about to hire your 50th employee. At Morem & Waller, we believe that all businesses — whether they’ve been in operation for 10 days or 10 years — need unshakeable foundations based on sound financial principles and core client advisory services. And that’s precisely why businesses across the U.S. turn to us and trust us with their financial past, present, and future.

Do any of the below businesses sound like yours? You’re ready to talk to us!

New Business

New Cannabis Businesses

My business is brand new or my company is launching in a newly legal state. I know I need the best cannabis accounting services from licensed CPAs — along with industry-leading HR, compliance, and client advisory services like payroll — to build the strongest possible foundation.

New Businesses Start Here
Scaling Business

Scaling cannabis businesses

My cannabis business has been around for a bit, and we’re growing quickly. The right time for formal accounting work was yesterday, but since there are no time machines (yet), today is the next-best day to start. We need a firm that can guide us, offer trusted advice, and make sound recommendations as we look to the future.

Scaling Businesses Start Here
Maturing Business

Maturing cannabis businesses

My cannabis, hemp, or CBD business has been operating for quite some time, and we’re ready to enter a new stage. We’ve worked with financial professionals before, but we’re searching for a new licensed CPA who has demonstrable experience taking businesses like ours to new heights.

Maturing Businesses Start Here

All cannabis accounting services offered by Morem & Waller, CPAs

Licensed CPA Services

Being a licensed CPA firm makes all the difference. Not only do we have years of training — and the experience and state licensing to show for it — but being a licensed firm means we’re required to adhere to strict ethical standards and must act in your best interest.

Virtual CFO Services

Lay strong financial foundations now without hiring a full-time CFO. Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services provide everything you need to know your business’s numbers cold. Virtual CFOs produce sound financial statements, help you build a budget, and create forecasts for future budgets and cash flow — all essential services for your cannabis business.

Controller Services

Put your financial department’s management into reliable hands. Our controller services take charge of financial compliance (including the infamous 280(e)) and financial reporting. We also develop your internal control handbook and enforcement policies.

Bookkeeping Services

Outsource the diligent work required to properly manage your business’s finances. This is part of a larger umbrella called “client advisory services,” and it’s essential to your business’s foundation. Our bookkeeping services cover documentation, sales tax filing, and accounts payable and receivable.

National Acclaim, Minnesota Roots

Based in Minneapolis, our accountants and bookkeepers serve businesses beyond the borders of our home state. We work with companies across the U.S. to prepare them for growth and continued prosperity. Morem & Waller, CPA’s experts have experience with businesses around the country, but we are proud to be closely tied with cannabis communities in Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, Oklahoma, and of course, the Twin Cities and the North Star State.

Morem & Waller, CPA Testimonials

See what others have to say

Stephen Eigenmann Profile
Stephen Eigenmann

Fantastic people to work with, diligent and respectful. I highly encourage working with Morem & Waller.

Brent Vogt Profile
Brent Vogt

I’ve worked with Betsy for over a year in cannabis accounting and financial modeling and she’s fantastic.

Joyce Anderson Profile
Joyce Anderson

Morem & Waller is professional, courteous, thoughtful and kind. They are fantastic to work with. Highly recommend.

Eugene Amato Profile
Eugene Amato

Morem & Waller CPA are a top notch CPA firm. Mark Waller has engaged Capital Biz Solutions on several occasions to assist their Cannabis clients with financing needs. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Mark. Mark shows true professionalism and care for his clients.

Drew Gretz Profile
Drew Gretz

Morem & Wallner CPA staff are reliable, professional and have a high level of expertise. I feel confident in their work and can always count on them to help with anything our company needs. I know our company is in good hands with Morem & Waller.

Kim Michelson Profile
Kim Michelson

Morem & Waller is a wonderful firm. Incredible staff - caring and super smart. I can't say enough about the team and their expertise - grateful for them!

Rohan Narayanan Profile
Rohan Narayanan

Exceptional staff - knowledgable, kind, present, and great communicators. Highly recommend!

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