Balancing the Books: Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Betsy Morem and Mark Waller joined our colleague Tony Pavlakis of TSRGrow on their podcast for the first episode of Grow Sessions, Season 4. In an episode titled “Balancing the Books: Compliance in the Cannabis Industry,” they shared their expert insights on the crucial role of accounting practices in the rapidly evolving cannabis sector.

The conversation focused on the importance of compliance for cannabis businesses, emphasizing the need to adhere to both local and federal regulations. Betsy and Mark shed light on the complexities of the 280E tax provision and other critical aspects that underscore the significance of robust accounting practices in the industry.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in the cannabis industry, whether you’re a business owner or an investor. Betsy and Mark provided valuable insights and actionable strategies to ensure the success of cannabis businesses. Tune in now to gain a comprehensive understanding of why accounting practices and compliance are so important in the cannabis industry.

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